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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find contact information for someone at the KU Medical Center?

KUMC maintains the KUMC Directory Search.

Q: Can I change how my name appears?

Yes, instructions are in the Change Legal and Preferred Name knowledge base article.

The online directory is comprised of information from both HR/Pay (Human Resources/Payroll) and Enroll & Pay (the Student Information System). Deference to your primary affiliation with the University determines what name is used here so:

  • If the affiliation on the details page for your record indicates Faculty, Staff or Member your affiliation information comes from HR/Pay.
  • If the affiliation says Student your name details come from Enroll & Pay.

NOTE: If you know that you have more than one affiliation with the University (Graduate Assistants for example), we recommend that you update your name details in both systems (HR/Pay and Enroll & Pay).

Q: How can I set my personal pronouns?

Employees can set or change their personal pronouns in HR/Pay. Changes made in that system will update your entry here in the online directory.

Q: My title is not correct. How do I change it?

The title information for employees comes from HR/Pay. For those with multiple jobs (mostly students), a title is assigned to each job held. The directory search results will display one title per person. The title used is based on established HR/Pay criteria. If the employee holds multiple jobs, all titles should show on the user details.

Q: The department listed for me or others is not consistent. Can this be fixed?

The department listed for an employee is linked to their HR/Pay job(s). A person may be associated with multiple jobs (mostly students). The department name used on the search results is based on established HR/Pay criteria. When someone has more than one job, the additional jobs and departments will be listed with the user details.

NOTE: Employees and affiliates can update their office location and some directory information in HR/Pay: KU Directory Position/Job Info.

Users may search for partial first and/or last names. The the best matches will be returned.
Users may search for people with a combination of the following:
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
If information is entered into more than one field, all of them must match. Users may search for partial names/emails and the search will find the best match.
Faculty/Staff directory information for a selected Department.
Depending on a person's affiliation and the presence of the data on record, different details will be displayed.
  • Name
  • Title
  • Affiliation
  • Department
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

For students only name, affiliation and email will be shown. If the student has a department, because of on campus employment, that will also be shown on the record.

For faculty/staff, the affiliation, email, and department are also shown. In addition, faculty and staff may also have titles, addresses, and phone numbers.

This page lists the faculty/staff directory information for the Department selected on the Departments page.